Korean Modern Tapas Bar & Restaurant

We are a cozy Korean eatery situated in Melbourne CBD specialised in modern tapas menu
Incorporating the authentic side of Korean dish and modern cosmopolitan food
wasn't easy but the result was fruitful!

As you can see from our name, Suda (meaning "chitchat"),
our core value is to help your time with your loved people having a great time "chitchatting".
We LOVE something fun and enjoyable! Everything we do here is all about fun!
So we aim to provide you with the best quality food,
impressively friendly service and cool ambience which you can only experience in Suda.
with unique homemade drinks menu and twisted dishes,
You will surely have a pleasant dining service here.
Of course we will continue to make every effort to make you smile everytime you visit us

We do delivery

Mon to Fri 12PM to 10PM (Workday Lunch Between 12pm to 3pm)
Sat to Sun 5PM to 10PM

CBD Korean BBQ